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Introducing The GyroSnap!

GyroPlant is proud to introduce The GyroSnap  GyroPlant's latest innovation for ZERO SUBSTRATE growing.

It’s been a little over 12 months since we launched The GyroCup, our reusable growing superstructure for the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry. With testing taking place in over 30 countries, we’ve identified 10 different growing protocols through working with our valued customers and partners. The GyroCup is being used to grow a variety of head crops and has found additional uses in plant propagation, space tech, pharma and cosmetics. We see it as a versatile growing platform, giving indoor farms and greenhouses the freedom to cultivate a wide range of crops with ease and flexibility. 

Yet we’re always developing new reusable superstructures for different crop types. To grow leafy greens with non-pelleted seeds in The GyroCup from germination, a small amount of substrate is required. HOWEVER, The GyroSnap eliminates substrate requirements when growing with small seeds. Whilst using our same core technology as The GyroCup, The GyroSnap differs with an inverted rubber form that has two legs instead of multiple legs a seen on the GyroCup.

The GyroPlant team have listened to our customers and partners to tackle the issue of growing certain leafy greens without any substrate for certain types of novel irrigation technologies. Some crops require an initial starting media in combination with The GyroCup, however from our R&D we found some easy to grow crops do not require initial starting media at all. The GyroSnap design requires ZERO SUBSTRATE when growing leafy greens like lettuce and basil with small seeds, from germination all the way to harvest!

We’re excited to be releasing the GyroSnap. Get in touch to find out more!


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