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Modern global food production and distribution are huge contributors to global warming. Global agriculture was responsible for 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 and for 70% of freshwater usage globally. Environmental issues around the modern global vegetable industry include high transport emissions from global distribution, soil health degradation and fertiliser run-off, excessive plastic packaging and food waste.


We believe a critical part of the solution lies in a hyper-local food production and distribution model, using hydroponics with artificial light and other modern methods of agriculture to supplant traditional approaches.


A significant benefit of controlled hydroponic growing is that it is unseasonal and geography-agnostic. Basil grows as well as it does in Kenya – removing the logic in global shipping of delicate salad crops.


This leads to a shift in mindset – food can be grown where it is eaten – in the home, in the restaurant, or just down the road. A re-localisation of food production has many benefits for all in society.