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We are working with over 125 of the most innovative CEA and vertical farming companies in the world. If you would like to work with us on our mission to decarbonise indoor farming please get in contact.

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We are helping Dole grow strawberries substrate free and working with them to create a clean and lean workflow for their growers. Dole are leading the way in hydroponic strawberry production - placing growers at the centre of their research and combining low carbon technologies that are scalable. 

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The largest urban vertical farm
in Latin America

The Pink Farms vertical urban farm creates the
perfect environment for growing the most
natural, freshest produce you've ever come across.

Each species is extensively studied so that
we can provide the perfect conditions for
their happiest growth, with
fantastic flavors and without the use of pesticides.


LettUs Grow - UK

LettUs Grow is an indoor farming technology provider based in Bristol, UK. They believe that careful innovation in farming can make the world a better place. LettUs Grow’s ultrasonic aeroponic irrigation systems allow farmers to grow up to twice as fast as hydroponics, while using zero soil, zero pesticides, as well as less water and fertiliser than in outdoor farming. 


The DROP & GROW™ container farm allows anyone to grow local, sustainable food 365 days of the year, whilst Aeroponic Rolling Benches™ are set to bring the benefits of aeroponics to hectare-scale greenhouses and vertical farms. 


LettUs Grow conducts world leading research into controlled environment agriculture from their research centre in Bristol, working with partners such as John Innes Centre, Harper Adams University & Agritecture. The team achieved B Corp status in 2022 and are dedicated to improving food systems by working towards a future where affordable, healthy food can be grown with minimal impact on the planet. 


FYTO is a company based in Newcastle, North-West Industry. They manufacture hydroponic units and grow food for the local area.  


We started working with FYTO in 2021. They are conducting growing trials with us, to test our product at their farm.


FYTO believes a critical part of the solution lies in a hyper-local food production and distribution model, using hydroponics with artificial light and other modern methods of agriculture to supplant traditional approaches.


This leads to a shift in mindset – food can be grown where it is eaten – in the home, in the restaurant, or just down the road. A re-localisation of food production has many benefits for all in society.  



Philip Rose from ROKO - "we use GyroCups for our very clean in-vitro strawberry cultivation in our research unit xFactory"

"ROKO farming is developing an automated, energy-integrated and high-yield vertical farming system using cutting-edge technologies (AI, robotics, IoT, LED light) to ensure crop production in a more sustainable way.


For ROKO Farming, regionality does not end at the fruit and vegetable stand. In all of our business processes, we focus on short delivery routes and the associated better quality and lower transport costs. With our high level of vertical integration, we are independent of foreign producers"


Grow It York is an indoor urban community farm in a shipping container, supplying hyper-local produce to the surrounding businesses and communities. It was built to investigate how vertical farming can play a role in creating positive change within our food systems, benefiting our health, environment and economy.


"Because we can control everything within the vertical farm from plant nutrients to lighting, temperature and water, crop yields are very predictable, with short times to harvest, minimal waste, and produce which is highly nutritious. Growing crops all-year-round in cities, closer to consumers, can reduce food miles and the need for chilled supply chains helping lower carbon footprints and improving access to healthy food"

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Sustenir grows 100% clean superfoods. Our delicious, highly nutritious leafy greens are grown all-year round regardless of climate, free of pesticides and external pollutants. Sustenir’s vision is to nourish people and planet, one leaf at a time. We build smart vertical farms at the heart of demand in urban populations to minimise carbon footprint whilst maximising impact in local communities.

Biora by MineARC

MineARC’s Biora Plant Growth and Research Grade Chambers allow for the development, refinement and repetition of specific growth and testing conditions within the biotechnology, agriculture and science fields. Our successful capabilities in creating controlled environments for industrial safety has allowed to design and develop reach-in and walk-in grow chambers that meet the specific needs of various industries.

Designed specifically for science and agriculture, MineARC’s Plant Growth and Research Grade Chambers provide maximum flexibility to meet changing research or production necessities; allowing for clients to have control over every part of the design, scoping and manufacturing process.

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