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Overcoming Substrate Challenges in CEA and Greenhouses 

It's been fascinating to hear first-hand the challenges CEA and greenhouse growers have with substrates for plant cultivation. It seems as if the list never ends!

Here are some of the common substrate challenges we frequently hear from our community of growers:

Cost: Purchasing and replacing substrates incur ongoing expenses, with costs on the rise.

Nutrient Management: Maintaining the right nutrient balance in substrates is complex.

Disease and Pest Concerns: Substrates can harbour diseases and pests, complicating pest management.

Supply Chains: Farms heavily rely on volatile substrate supply chains, especially in remote areas.

Water Management: Precise water management is essential for substrates, and water and nutrients are often discarded at the end of their life.

Cleaning: Cleaning tasks take up time, including plastic components and residue, pose contamination, water, and labour challenges.

Plant Variety:  Companies heavily invest in endless R&D to test different substrates conditions for different plants and sizes.

Resource Intensity:  Substrate production demands substantial water and energy, contributing to a significant environmental footprint.

Environmental Impact: Organic substrates can cause deforestation and emissions during distribution and packaging. Recycling substrates is challenging to scale.

Waste Generation: Single-use substrates lead to substantial waste and freight packaging issues.

Good news - reusable alternatives help solve these issues!

We're partnering with global growers to introduce new ways plants can be grown without conventional substrates, empowering farms with our versatile platform, GyroCup - facilitating effortless plant cultivation techniques.

Join us in exploring the boundless possibilities, from growing basil, nurturing strawberries or growing flowers!


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