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R&D journey with Crop Health & Protection - CHAP

Check out the latest research from Crop Health & Protection - CHAP

At GyroPlant, we're proud to be at the forefront of indoor agriculture, and our partnership with CHAP for further research is taking our innovations to new heights.


CHAP has helped expand our technologies, applications and protocols for our indoor farms - from Greenhouses to vertical farms. Their research explores novel plant cultivation techniques using our technology, The GyroCup, demonstrating a cleaner way to grow plants in CEA and greenhouses.


CHAP is conducting exciting experiments with GyroCups to assess novel cultivation techniques, with as little as 0.01 grams of hydrogel powder or tissue paper to germinate and grow plants to full size. 

They are using GyroCup technology in conjunction with Gelponics and seed tape to explore new ways of achieving sustainable growing techniques for indoor growers, greenhouses and home growers.

With these innovative methods, we can say goodbye to traditional substrates and hello to cultivating plants in ways never seen before.  By reducing inputs to controlled environments and greenhouses, we can keep farms clean, resilient, and cost-effective. 


This research will be shared with our growers and breeders to help develop growing protocols used to create clean indoor farms with no conventional substrate.

Our collaboration with CHAP Solutions UK demonstrates our commitment to extensive research and development. Together, we're pioneering the future of indoor farming, creating solutions that benefit farmers, consumers, and the planet.

Stay tuned for more case studies from our customers around the world!


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