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With an average seed count of 200, the sweet red fruit is one of the key crops that can be grown in The GyroCup.

Why Strawberries?

The current market for strawberries is very high, with demand growing year after year - forecast to reach USD 27246.52 million by 2028 (Business Growth Reports). This means that companies gain more from their money when growing this high value crop.

Research into growing strawberries in vertical farms is ignited by the sheer amount of advantages of Indoor farm strawberry growth over traditional farming.

Benefits include:

  • Provides a closed ecosystem that is pesticide free

  • Uses less land

  • More controlled water use

  • Year round growth

  • Better crop quality

  • Demographically closer to cities for freshness, minimised transportation time and carbon footprint

GyroPlant and Strawberries

GyroPlant helps companies to grow strawberries substrate free and create a clean and lean workflow for their growers.

Dole are leading the way in hydroponic strawberry production - placing growers at the centre of their research and combining low carbon technologies that are scalable. By carrying out R&D with GyroCup at their R&D centre in Kent UK, Dole are exploring zero substrate alternatives for berry production. They are also overcoming issues of electricity that indoor farms face, by using a combination of indoor CEA farms and greenhouses that provides an energy efficient way to grow strawberries,

Our GyroCup assists in the growth advantages by facilitating optimum growth potential without single-use substrate, ensuring sustainable and effective strawberry cultivation.


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