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Unlocking the Power of Silicone Rubber!

Ever wondered why we use silicone rubber in our GyroCup superstructures?

The GyroCup is a reusable superstructure made of silicone rubber, replacing single-use substrate to facilitate clean, resilient and sustainable indoor growing.

GyroPlant's R&D team has meticulously formulated and rigorously tested our silicone rubber to engineer the optimal

Let's dive in to the benefits of silicone rubber:

  1. Food-Grade: creates clean plant cultivation environments.

  1. UV Resistant: shields against breakdown, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  2. Easy to Clean:  reusable products are designed for easy cleaning, reducing water and chemical inputs.​

  3.  Sustainability at Its Core: Our reusable silicone rubber slashes carbon emissions by ay least 80% compared to single use substrates. Explore more on our sustainability page.

  4. Wear resistant: The premium food grade silicone rubber we use is very robust and can be used thousands of times. The GyroCup can withstand high temperatures (up 150 degrees) without degrading.

By using The GyroCup we can eradicate hard to clean plastic net pots which degrade over time and have to be replaced.

Yes, silicone comes at a cost, but here's the magic: we use just enough material for seamless integration into any hydroponic system, be it for vertical farms or greenhouses.

Check out more information on The GyroCup page!


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