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What’s so good about The GyroCup?

The GyroCup is transforming the landscape of indoor cultivation!


Our valued growers and partners around the world are using GyroCups to grow SUBSTRATE FREE leafy greens, strawberries, young trees...and the list is expanding!

Here are the key benefits of The GyroCup:

  1. Substrate-Free Growth:

Instead of using messy substrates - why not utilise seed tape, gels, pelleted seeds and runners for a cleaner, substrate-free growth experience, setting new standards in indoor cultivation, and creating the most resilient indoor farms.

  1. Circular & Sustainable: 

GyroCup is a reusable growing superstructure that's reshaping indoor farming. It reduces farm inputs, making CEA and greenhouses more resilient and sustainable, even beyond reducing carbon emissions which is just one of many facets to consider when steering towards a sustainable future.

  1. Cheaper: 

Say goodbye to expensive and inconsistent single-use substrates. GyroCup enables the use of ultra-low-cost gels, seeds, seed tape and cuttings.

  1. Cleaner: 

No mess, no fuss. It's easy to wash for reuse, without any need for chemicals. Plus, GyroCup reduces contamination, mould and algae significantly!

  1. Durable material

Longevity of our unique Silicone rubber formula ensures GyroCups last for thousands of cycles. It's a win for both sustainability and your pocket.

  1. Plant and Root Development: 

The GyroCup goes beyond just sustainability. The innovative design supports roots as well as stabilises plants.

Join us and the 125 companies on the journey towards eliminating substrates - enabling clean, simple and resilient indoor farming. We are welcoming partners to join us.

Together, we're pioneering the future of indoor farming, creating solutions that benefit farmers, consumers, and the planet.


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